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About Us

Experience the Regency ballroom with lessons at
Mrs Bennet's Ballroom classes.  Have you ever watched Pride and Prejudice and looked on in envy as Elizabeth moves across the dance floor with Mr Darcy?


Well, Mrs Bennet’s Ballroom hold regular classes for those wishing to learn and enjoy the lively dances of the Regency era.  You’ll be taught by a dancing mistress who will instruct you in the elegant yet somewhat unfamiliar etiquette of the Regency Ballroom.  

No previous experience is necessary, just wear flexible soft-soled shoes and comfy lightweight clothes. No costume is required.

The classes are open to anyone 18 and above, with an interest in dance. No partners are needed.  It is not a course, so you can join at any time.  

Started in 2013 in Surbiton we also have our monthly Ball Preparation Society in North London. Both venues are well-run.

In 2023 we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a Coronation Ball! 
Look at our special events page for forthcoming costume & dance opportunities!

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